Lunch Sandwich

Verbal Metaphor

 "Two discussions over lunch sandwiched between a full schedule of speakers."

(From an ID Stratcon Announcement)

Target: Lunch and discussions 

Source: Sandwich


Marina City

Architectural metaphor



Target: residential community

Source: living organism

The Champagne of Beers



Metaphor 1: The Champagne of Beers

Target: Brand

Source: Champagne


Metaphor 2: High Life

Target: Life

Source: High

not sure if this is a metaphor, but it is similar to the examples from "Metaphors We Live By"

Bub City

Southern hospitality and charm



First-order Metaphor:

Target: Brand

Source: Atmosphere (reference to Nashville culture through artifacts)

Second-order metaphor: 

"I'm down to earth and charming" (a person taking someone to the restaurant) 

Target: Self

Source: restaurant (atmosphere)


Development Funnel


Metaphor 1: Development Funnel

Verbal and Visual

Target: Product Development Process. 

Source: Funnel


Metaphor 2: Stage-Gate

Verbal and Visual

Target: Decision-making point in the product development process.

Source: Gate